Understanding Shopping Behavior in Consumers

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Digital shopping has never been more competitive than in 2021. Many people choose eCommerce to be their preferred method of shopping. As online presence becomes increasingly important, many brands have adapted to changing attitudes and behaviors.

Consumer behavior is constantly changing. A Social media agency like Hanzo Solutions & Marketing is responsible for adapting to these changes and identifying emerging trends to keep their audience’s attention.

For those of you who aren’t marketing professionals, what are these new behaviors? And how can we capture them for our business?

We discuss three emerging types of shoppers and offer top tips to help you stay ahead of changing consumer behavior.

Shopping through Social Media

People spent 21% more time on social media when the world was under total lockdown.

social media shopper

More people are on their phones scrolling Instagram or Facebook. This has led to new ways to browse and buy all-in-one apps, including the introduction of Facebook Shop and Instagram’s new In-App Check-out feature. It’s easy to find and purchase on Instagram.

A solid social media strategy is essential to optimize your brand for the new social media shoppers.

Partnering with an eCommerce platform can also provide seamless online shopping from the moment of discovery to a potential customer.

The Invisible Shopper

invisible shopper

Apple’s most recent update includes a new feature that allows users to control data collected from third-party sites. Each app will ask the user if they want to enable data collection.

Apps such as Facebook that allow users to decline this permission will not track user and app behavior via their Pixels.

Apple will also limit the information it shares through its location settings. This update will ask you if you would like to share your exact location or general area. This will limit how marketers can target specific audiences.

Shoppers are now more concerned about their third-party data. As a result, it is becoming harder for marketers and business owners access to valuable insights and information from third-party sites – such as an eCommerce store. This is because more people have chosen to limit the ability of platforms such as Facebook to track them with the Pixel.

To minimize the damage caused by this change, brands must be aware of it and find alternative ways to engage and gather insights from consumers such as hiring a digital marketing agency.

The Green Shopper

green shopper
Image by GFK

Many consumers are becoming more concerned about climate change, particularly among the younger generation, in addition to the effects of COVID. Shoppers are increasingly worried about the brand they buy from. They believe everyone should play their part in saving our planet.

If they want to be green, online businesses should consider incorporating sustainable practices. Hence, creating a more sustainable eCommerce environment includes purchasing products from fair-trade companies to ensure that they are ethically sourced.

Gen-Z is leading this conversation. They aren’t afraid to criticize brands that don’t align with the fight against climate change. So be sure to adopt greener consumption habits whenever possible, and don’t be afraid to speak out about it.


As mentioned above, the digital space is constantly changing and sometimes unpredictable. Therefore, to minimize the impact of changes in consumer behavior and remain on top of the changing world of eCommerce, it is essential to stay current with the latest trends and do your research.

The best way to tackle emerging trends and stay on top of the changing mindsets, it’s best to onboard a digital agency that specializes in consumer behavior.

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