Pitching to a Client? Here are 5 Things You Should Remember

client pitches

To present yourself to someone, you need to tell them something about yourself, what you can do for their prospects, and how you can help.

We love the word storytelling. This is what drives our websites and social media strategies, as well as our relationships with clients.

Remember that you will be facing prospective clients and not someone who has accepted you as a business partner. Therefore, your first goal should be to be unique and exciting without losing sight of who you are. It is an easy concept to grasp, but we find it challenging to communicate with every client.

We compiled the following five tips to help you create an excellent presentation.

Know who you are pitching to

This will help you decide the tone of your presentation. This can make or break your presentation.

If you’re speaking with a CEO, you need to be very clear. You must clearly explain who you are, what you can do to help, how much it costs, and when to deliver the solution.

Marketing managers and other high-ranking executives are affected by this change:

  • They want numbers.
  • They want information about your past activities.
  • They want to know what you can do now to resolve their problems.

Before Pitching: Research, Research, Research

The best scenario is that you had already had a brief chat with the client or sent an email. But, again, this is a way to know their needs and what they would like you to do.

Even in the best scenario, this is not enough. It will be necessary to examine their websites and to write down any errors or unusualities.

Websites like Gtmetrix can be used to check for potential performance issues. If you are able, request access to Google Analytics and other information about users’ behavior.

After you have completed this section, use images to highlight potential problems for your website. You can take screenshots of the parts that you are interested in analyzing.

Even More Research

We then extend our search to businesses that operate in the same areas. We also consider property websites as inspiration when looking for an architect practice company.

We then try to figure out how others have solved the same problems that we are facing (how to display multiple ordered services, keep the user entertained, and filter projects), and we also try to create some examples.

Be Creative with Your Pitches

You are pitching for something innovative, such as a digital strategy or a creative idea. It’s impossible to communicate this with a boring PowerPoint.

Find inspiration on Muzli and Dribbble. Then, build the best presentation you have ever seen (while keeping in mind the three rules).

Pitches can be Bold

You may be meeting this client for the first time or the second if you are fortunate. So don’t be shy. Your opinions and skills matter (that’s why you got there in the first instance).

It is not a good idea to avoid bold statements about how wonderful your future relationship will turn out, thanks to the talents of your agency. Avoiding uncomfortable truths now is the best way to prevent them. We hope you find these tips helpful. At Hanzo Solutions, we live by these!

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