Colors and their Impact on Consumer Behavior


Color is an effective communication tool that can be used to signal actions, affect consumer behavior as well as mood and emotional reactions. For instance, did you have any idea that certain colors have been linked with higher blood pressure and can cause anxiety?

What is the role of color psychology in your social media’s performance as well as your marketing strategy?

A thing to bear in mind is that users often turn to the world of the internet for a more relaxed escape from reality. While their objectives and tastes might differ, they generally choose websites that aren’t cluttered and have a direct connection with them which can impact the purchasing decision.

Color – ful Insights

Take the time to look at Pottery Barn, Lego as well as BestBuy. While there’s plenty of activity on the three Instagram pages, the colors chosen create a calm, simple, energetic impression. It wouldn’t be likely to trigger these emotions in the way that they do if the colors used weren’t carefully selected. White beige, white and a range of pastel colors are coupled with powerful and powerful colors like red, yellow blue, and red. These can be one of the major elements that determine the popularity of their online brands.

A simple way to put it to the test would be to go to your favorite Instagram feed. You’ll notice color-compatible images or a similar style. When researching marketing We discovered that as much as 90% of the initial impressions are determined by color.

Let’s talk about color psychology and how they influence the brand’s identity, transforming the potential buyer into an enduring buying habit.

Colors and Emotions

Black for instance creates a more powerful brand image, whereas blue gives a more relaxing and relaxing feel for your business. But, yellow is an excellent way to draw the attention of others while being jolly and cheerful. The color red sends out a powerful message that could place your company in the upper echelon in the chain of food when it comes to leadership, confidence, and strength.

If you think about how different hues affect us, then you can alter the colors of your Instagram feed to create the expectations for results. The choice we make to buy something is more in line with the way it appears than we realize particularly when trying it first.

Everybody interacts with the world via color and color is even more important to influence how we consume this world. Your brand’s colors help convey the moods and feelings that are associated with it. For instance, a company that sells candy with sugar must avoid using yellow and the color green in their packages instead of red, which is the color which is associated with sweetness.

At Hanzo Marketing, we carefully manage our clients’ feeds to take into account all social elements that we believe can affect the buyer’s buying habits and the opinion of the brand.

In our strategy for marketing, one of the initial actions is to determine our intended audience and determine their interests and preferences. This will allow us to gain an advantage in providing online visitors with material that catches their interest. The tone of voice, color subjects, images, and color are all aspects that influence how we help our clients express themselves effectively online.

It’s all about experimenting with the best options for your business and your business. If you take the time to study what colors your target audience will be drawn to, you’ll be able to create an exciting and powerful impression that goes beyond visually pleasing, for instance creating a powerful brand image.

Our team of creatives possess a thorough understanding of the psychology behind color and utilize it to create brands that make a positive impression on businesses of all sizes, whether new or established. Why not contact us to discuss how we can assist you?

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