Personalizing Mobile App Marketing

For mobile apps messaging is the most important marketing tool you have at your disposal. It is the primary communication with app users. Push notifications have always been the best way to be seen by the app’s users and get users to download the application and finish your conversion.

Utilizing push notifications lets you reach users even who aren’t using your app, with relevant pertinent messages to will bring them back. In-App messaging brings users who are active to the exact messages and promotions you wish them to encounter when they’re already using your application.

There are a variety of aspects to messages that could be used to increase your chances of engaging users and increase the likelihood of your messages being more probable to be read than the standard push notification.

Offering your users a customized experience can increase engagement, and consequently boost your conversion rates regardless of whether it’s to browse new content or perform an action inside the app.

Let’s look at the reasons apps must ensure that they are noticed by the maximum number of users through the use of personalization as a method of engagement.

Know Your Users are in the Right Place

The location, as well as geo-targeted campaigns, are among the most efficient ways to get your message out to the masses with an offer that is pertinent to the specific location and time at which it is read.

Attract the attention of a user while they are near your business or location to get them to your premises by offering timely and relevant promotions. Alternately, target your geographical area to the location of your competitors to draw customers away from them and towards you.

If your company doesn’t have a physical address and you’re not sure what to do, try a relevant post linked to an offer that is available to users of apps in the area of “It’s gonna be cold in Montreal this weekend – grab yourself something warm to wear from our Winter range, now 20% off!”

Automating messages based on the user’s place of residence allows you to determine the message is relevant to users in the exact location and time at which they receive it. This prevents users from receiving messages that they cannot benefit from as they’re hundreds of miles away. This is only used as a deterrent and annoyance for the user to not use your app in the future.

Know They Receive It Exactly When They Want to

With the right push notifications strategy, you can engage your audience in meaningful, non-intrusive ways that are of value, boost loyalty, and help to retain more users. Create a highly engaged base of returning users for your application.

Intelligent delivery allows the push notification to be sent intelligently via your marketing app on mobile at exactly the moment that the user will most likely interact with the message. this is done on a per-user basis that is tailored to each app’s user.

Intelligent Delivery is all about personalizing your push campaigns based on information from customers. Making use of algorithms that are predictive and use a user’s previous and current application activity platforms that provide intelligent delivery are the marketing team’s wish, allowing the automatic schedule of messages to be sent at the exact time the user is more likely to interact with it.

The reason that intelligent delivery is such a major success with mobile marketers is that it works by taking the decision-making process out of campaign planning and allowing technology to find the best methods to improve engagement, retention, and also outcomes.

Are you introducing new customers? Re-engaging lost ones? Advising on flight cancellations? Promotion of new product launches? Each will require a unique timing strategy. But smart delivery can work out the best strategy for you.

Know the Message is Relevant to Each User

A personalized message can lead to a four-fold rise in the number of open rates. But before asking your team of developers to request every user to input their favorite color or music genre, we’re talking about audience segmentation based on behavior and targeted messaging. Based on behavior, messages can result in the potential for a 9x increase in open rates.

A single well-targeted push notification or in-app message that is based on real-time information from customers will always offer your customers more value than a method of “hit and hope” one that’s bound to cause more damage to your brand’s reputation than positive.

If your retention or engagement rates are declining or, worse, weren’t where you wanted in the first place, then it’s a great possibility that the messages you’re giving your audience aren’t relevant and you’ll be struggling to get the attention of your customers.

Bring Disengaged Users Back to Your App

An app for mobile-based marketing, referred to as Deferred Deep Linking’ allows you to reconnect with existing users who have abandoned or deleted your application.

Utilizing the data from an already-existing user, you can make use of external sources to send an SMS or email message with a hyperlink that is personalized to the particular user. When clicked, it opens the application and directs users directly to an offering or content you know (from the data of users) that is pertinent to their needs and that they are likely to be interested in.

What happens if a user has deleted the app before? The link will direct users to the apps store. There they download the app. When it is launched for the first time, they are taken to the website of the promotion directly. A smooth, seamless UX that draws a user back to you. Therefore, it is essential to offer the most satisfying customer experience and this is the reason delayed web-based deep linking comes in.

Making a customized offer to your client via a deferred deep-link, either via either email or SMS, increases the chances of engaging people who have been disengaged or long gone. Another chance to capitalize on the opportunity you missed with personalization as the core in your strategy for engagement.

Personalization is the underlying principle of every mobile engagement strategy. It’s essential to keep users engaged for the long haul providing a superior user experience and keeping an existing user base. Make an effort to improve your strategy to engage users by with personalization, and observe how it affects your engagement statistics for users.

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