Hanzo’s Guide to Leading a Remote Team

leading a remote team

Leading a remote team can be a tedious task as you have to let go of your traditional roots and adapt to a more technologically advanced method of getting the job done. The person that you’re speaking to is not physically present and if you don’t know what you’re doing, it can become a roller coaster of disastrous results.

While it is ideal to create clear remote-work guidelines and training plans before the time of crisis or other shifting circumstances, this type of preparation might not be practical. There are, however, specific measures that managers can adopt without much effort to increase the efficiency and engagement of remote workers, even when there’s little time to plan. So, let’s begin, shall we?

Before We Begin…

Managers must first be able to know what factors make remote work particularly demanding. If they don’t, employees who are highly performing may be afflicted with a decrease in productivity and satisfaction when they start working remotely, particularly without preparation and instruction.

The majority of the organizations are comprised of passive or actively disengaged employees. Imagine the impact of working remotely on their engagement level as well as their performance and commitment to the organization’s mission?

So, in these circumstances, how is a manager able to lead its remote workers towards success? Here’s how.

1. Schedule Daily Check-ins

It may sound like a lot of work however for teams and managers who are new to remote work it is essential.

Where email, phones, and text messages could have been enough, however, successful managers in their remote leadership roles are moving towards greater use of video conferencing for the face-to-face interactions that are currently missing.

2. Make Use of Technology

In the past, many of us have been pushed into a digital transformation, which can take a large number of companies months or even years to implement.

Tools such as Zoom, Google Hangouts, and Microsoft Teams – which most of you use every day – offer simple tools to tackle productivity problems when working remotely. It’s true that it initially felt a little uncomfortable, but after it was completely embraced, it’s been a great method to help with engagement strategies. It’s also great for getting things accomplished!

3. Leaders are Focused on Outcomes

It is widely recognized as a great method of engaging employees and giving them the tools to be successful.

A clear definition of the objectives and the desired outcomes, then giving employees (that are trained and have the resources to achieve this part) to devise a strategy for execution increases confidence and motivation. When you work from a remote location it’s more difficult to manage individuals in general. But that’s an excellent thing, isn’t it?

Leading a remote team begins with having trust in your employees in getting the job done.

4. Provide Tools

A great battlefield commander never sends their troops into battle with no proper training or resources. Maybe that’s not completely accurate, but you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Remote teams are now in need of upgraded laptops, faster WiFi, and cutting-edge technologies such as webcams and headsets or even software like Adobe Creative Suite if they’re doing graphics work. This could mean shifting stretched budgets to critical tools. Prepare the remote team to be successful.

5. Be the Leader

The most effective managers are coaches and mentors rather than “managers.” They also recognize the subtle variations and subtleties between the various disciplines of management that make them leaders.

Even though we’re experiencing a period of high volatility in the form of complexity, ambiguity, and uncertainty but that doesn’t mean we stop all efforts to improve our teams and ourselves. Sometimes it’s going to require outside assistance or new ideas, as well as making an effort to take the time.


The tips listed above are part of that category, easy to understand, difficult to master. Each one requires dedication, time, and a consistent approach. Your organization will reap the benefits just like Hanzo Solutions. Also, you’ll be better equipped with the equipment needed to navigate the turbulent waters of change.

Or, you can always opt for an agency like Hanzo Solutions that provides end-to-end premiere outsourcing services.

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