Top 5 Must-Have Remote Work Applications

apps to make remote work easier

2020 had both a beautiful number and a bad reputation. People flocked to online communication and remote work tools as the coronavirus spread, turning their homes into offices.

This post contains remote work apps that have seen a rise in usage and are amongst the top 50 most used by remote workers. Unfortunately, we didn’t include top apps such as Gmail, Outlook, or Excel, which are not remote work tools but are leaders in the most-used productivity applications list.

We also provide data analysis and explain why remote work apps were so popular last year and why they will continue to be relevant. Are you ready? Let’s get started.

Google Docs

There are two types: those who use licensed tools and platforms and those who use the cloud. These are typically designers, architects, engineers, and developers who require sophisticated programs to accomplish their tasks.

Writers, project managers, and marketers work primarily on the internet. Therefore, they use various communication apps and cloud-based remote tools such as Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides. Many cloud-based services can be used for specific professions and industries, but GSuite is the best platform to write, share, and communicate.


Slack - Top 5 remote work - gohanzo
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Slack is the leader in DeskTime usage statistics and has seen a massive influx of users ever since the outbreak. Slack isn’t like Zoom, which many people only discovered because of the pandemic. Slack is a tool for remote collaboration, but teams also used it in offices long before the global crisis.

Slack provides visibility to distributed teams. It makes it easy to see the output of everyone in a well-organized and transparent team, regardless of where they are located. Remote workers posting to Slack more often than their onsite counterparts is a sign that they are being as productive.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams was launched in 2017 by Microsoft. Since then, Microsoft has heavily promoted the use of the tool throughout the entire Microsoft 365 product line. As a result, Microsoft Teams is snowballing, and Microsoft actively promotes this tool to individuals, families, and businesses.

Thanks to its helpful features, such as shared to-do lists and photos and features that can help you organize trips or social events, Microsoft Teams will be a constant presence.



AnyDesk allows users to connect remotely to a computer, “either from another end of the office or halfway across the globe.” It’s no wonder that remote working is so popular.

Cloud-based remote work apps such as Google Drive are popular among knowledge workers. However, some users have more complex technical requirements like sharing work sessions with colleagues or working with complicated licensed programs. AnyDesk provides reliable and secures remote desktop connections for such needs.


Zoom is the app that has seen more growth than Google Meet. The app, which was not initially intended for personal use, became the first favorite of millions of remote workers. Its daily meeting participants count increased from 10 million to 300,000,000 by April.

Zoom and zooming have been synonymous with all aspects of online social and professional life since the outbreak of the pandemic. Zoom parties, zoom meetings, and even Zoom weddings are symbols of a new reality. Even after the pandemic, Zoom will continue to be available for remote family members, dispersed teams, and safer, cheaper alternatives to in-person parties.

These remote work tools have become superstars and aren’t likely to stop. The pandemic would be even worse without these and many other valuable tools that make remote communication and work easier. Are there any other tools you use for remote work? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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