Social Media Marketing – Five Things to Avoid

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing or Management is a completely different ball game when using it to promote a business. Have you ever worked in social media management for a company or used it only for personal purposes?

Mainly if you’re doing it for the first time, your only experience with it is personal. So how can you know which mistakes to avoid when using social media marketing to promote businesses?

This article will discuss social media marketing errors that businesses should avoid when marketing on any social platform. These include Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, as well as LinkedIn.

Marketing agencies like Hanzo Solutions & Marketing will be able to maximize your brand’s social media and devote time to growing them. This could be something you should consider.

1. Social Media Interactions

Hanzo Solutions advises that you never interact with or follow random profiles on social media.

While you will have more followers, is there any quality about your business among those followers? You can also like random posts and comment on them. This is a good thing, but it’s essential to ensure you’re doing this on the correct accounts for proper exposure.

When following/interacting, you should always look under relevant hashtags or searches related to your business industry or target audience. These people can provide valuable interactions that will lead to more customers.

A following of random people might result in fewer interactions with the proper accounts, as these people aren’t likely to be interested in what you have to say.

2. Avoid Duplicate Content

This mistake is too common for businesses. As a result, they keep reusing the same content, losing followers and engagement. This is understandable; however, companies may not always have the time or resources to develop a content marketing strategy to diversify what they post.

Sometimes, it might be more advantageous to hire a social media marketing agency like Hanzo Marketing, specializing in industry research and content production.

Sometimes, you need to research competitors and current trends to find out which social platforms are performing well and what to mix. For example, if you’re a shoe company, it’s a good idea to include promotional content along with user-generated content and updates.

3. Becoming Inactive

It would be best if you kept updating social media. People will lose trust in your business if they see that you have not posted in months.

This also decreases your chances of being exposed to potential followers and customs.

Although social media does not require you to spend hours a day on it, it is essential to maintain your profile and interact with others regularly.

4. Social Media Content Mirroring

Any business that does this is making a huge mistake. With the exact text, hashtags, and tone, the same post can be used across multiple social media channels. It won’t work as well on LinkedIn if you post a tweet with hashtags or emojis.

Professionals use LinkedIn. Although you may include many hashtags or emojis in your tweet, keeping it to a minimum when posting to LinkedIn is better. You should also check your tone, as LinkedIn is more formal than Twitter.

5. Not Scheduling Content

It is a huge mistake not to schedule social posts. Likewise, it is a big mistake not to schedule social posts for specific dates in the months ahead. This will allow you to stop worrying about what you should post when you fall behind.

It saves time and prevents you from forgetting. Read more here to find out how to create an effective content calendar.


These are our top five social media mistakes you avoid when creating a business account. Likewise, these are the top five mistakes you can avoid when using social media to attract valuable users. If most of your followers and social media followers are not interested or committed to your brand, it is pointless to have a large number of followers.

Be active, and remember that social media can be a crucial part of digital marketing. However, it is essential to do it right and plan and execute well.

It can be challenging to keep your social media in top shape. Hanzo Solutions & Marketing, a digital marketing agency with years of experience, can help you with this.

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