Remote Working vs. Work From Home

remote work

Remote Working and Working From Home are common workplace practices that provide significant benefits for your employees. Actually, there are many advantages for your business also, especially when you consider the possibility of bringing on skilled team members, regardless of where they are located.

There’s a problem. Remote and Home-Based Working isn’t the same thing, therefore it’s time to not talk about remote workers as if they’re working in an office.

There’s a distinction. The first is considered to be an advantage and the other just a method to work. “Working from home” is only temporary, while remote work is a completely different way of accomplishing tasks. This is a significant distinction that merits some focus.

The remote working environment differs from your office, where your team members have their own desks and workspaces offered by your company.

Working From Home

Work at home is what you do when working in the office, but are at home on a Thursday as you’re in need of a change in surroundings. Perhaps you’re not scheduled for any meetings in person tomorrow which is why you decide to stay out of working in the office during the rest of the day.

You could also choose to do it in the event that you require a certain amount of time that isn’t interrupted by the annoyance of colleagues squinting their heads at you in the office.

You could take your laptop home and place it on your kitchen table or on your desk. It’s generally an abrupt departure from your usual routine and the normal pace of work.

This can be beneficial every once in a while. It’s efficient because it’s different from normal. It’s the same framework and the structure of your office and those who work there are able to adjust their work in the event of the absence of you.

It’s also not uncommon for people to forget to send the boss an email simply because they did his work from home last night. There’s still an office over there and, as you can imagine, should you do something wrong, you’re probably invited to a meeting.

This isn’t always the case when you work from home in particular if you’re not the boss.

Remote Working

Remote work, or working from outside your company’s offices every day is very different. It demands a distinct set of capabilities, resources and capabilities. It requires self-starting attitudes and a soaring level of time management abilities.

It also requires a proactive approach to communication and the ability to be focused on the activities of your team members, since there isn’t any face-to-face time with them.

Remote work requires you to create your own working environment This certainly has advantages as you can set up your workspace to work most effectively for you. However, you don’t have the security of a cubicle, office or desk to settle at every time you need to settle down, unless you’ve created your own.

The benefits of working at a desk are amazing provided you’re willing to prepare a quick sandwich or a homemade cup of coffee.

There’s also life and all other activities that take place in the course of the day. Like family members who don’t realize simply because they’re at work, have a hard time grasping the reality that you’re actually working.

Final Thoughts

Don’t get me wrong. I do work remotely, thanks to Hanzo Solutions, and I wouldn’t want otherwise. I am awed by the flexibility to work when and how it fits in with my daily routine.

The work-life balance it offers is impeccable and giving enough time to your family and your work is a balance a lot of us are unable to achieve, even after years into our professional journeys.

With the right tools and some productivity techniques, working remotely could be a wonderful method to work. It’s not the same as working from home, so let’s not talk about them as if they’re one.

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