5 Must-Haves for a Productive Home Office Environment

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Remote working has become more and more popular in recent years as home office setups have grown easier to set up. But with remote work, it’s easy to slip into bad habits like always being on your phone or browsing social media websites instead of focusing on the task at hand. As a result, some say those home offices are dangerous for creativity because they can make people feel too comfortable or too productive. This article will look at the five home office essentials for the productive remote worker you aspire to become.

Home Office Desk

home office desk

A home office desk is an absolute must-have to work as a home business professional, especially in this day and age where many of us often work from home as digital nomads. Most home offices come with desks, but those simple tables would hardly be suitable for working on laptops or doing other tasks throughout the day. There’s nothing wrong with this kind of desk, though; they’re just not built for heavy lifting over more extended periods. Plus, their ergonomics can seriously damage you physically as a bad posture can result in problems if it persists. If you don’t have a quality office desk, it’s time you get one! A quality desk will enable you to complete your daily tasks easier, faster, and more efficiently. Sturdy home office desks are not easy to build or buy. However, if you are handy with a hammer and saw, then, by all means, you can get your home office desk DIY style. The easier (and faster) route would be to buy one ready-made for home offices specifically. These ready-made home office desks come in all shapes and sizes and are loaded with many different features like locking drawers, cable management systems, built-in power strips, etc., so getting one will pretty much guarantee no hassles while working on it daily.

Home Office Chair

A home office chair is the second home office essential for home business professionals. This home office seat must be comfortable enough to sit throughout the day as you work on your home computer or any other home office equipment like graphics tablets if you’re a designer. It is always best to choose a chair that comes with its lumbar support feature so that you can have a much more relaxing time at work without it taking a toll on your mental health. It is also recommended not to stay seated in one place for too long for people working from home as this can cause health issues in the long run. A standing desk or swivel chair would be more suitable than traditional home office chairs if this applies to your needs.

Multiple Monitor Setup

Empty modern creative agency office with dual monitors setup with processing video film montage. Video editing start up studio company with no people in it and post production software on pc displays

Home offices are not just home offices if there are no home monitors or projectors to go with them! Having multiple monitors is a must-have home business essential for home office workers. A home office desk will be specially designed to allow users to attach more than one monitor to it. A good setup would get a dual, triple, or even quad computer monitor to display multiple windows simultaneously. Also, note that smaller screens are better than larger ones for home office productivity and comfort: bigger doesn’t always mean better, especially if you feel uneasy or stressed after staring at them for too long. In almost all cases, two 24” computer monitors would suffice, although some may want three monitors that are larger in size to work on multiple windows simultaneously.

Furniture and Lighting

Your home office furniture will depend a lot on your setup since it can dictate just how you set up your home workspace, so it’s essential to choose the right furniture for each area of use. For example, if you want to have a standing desk, then getting a separate home office desk would be better than buying one that has an integrated standing desk feature because this way, you get more flexibility in terms of configuration: adding or removing the standing/sitting home office tabletop for different needs is much easier when they’re separately attached rather than integrated layers of a whole unit.

Also, home business professionals need home office lighting to be able to work even during the night. The home office desk lamp is one of your office essentials if you want some individual light source on your documents or laptops when working at night. You can choose from various styles and sizes so pick something that will suit your office style perfectly.

Supply Essentials

Home supply essentials are both tools and furniture used in any home setup and should be tailored especially for home offices: filing cabinets, whiteboards, calendars or planners, etc., depending on what tasks you do at home. It is best to have home office supply essentials that fit your office style like a glove, so you can find almost every essential that will match most or even all your office furniture and aesthetics.

Organization Tools

Home offices can sometimes be hot messes if you let them, so it’s best to have home organization essentials that will keep your office desk neat and tidy. These essentials are usually storage cabinets, file organizers, and hooks to hang things on. Most of the people working at home usually go back and forth between working from home and going to the office so the need for organization essentials depends on what part of your work necessitates a chaotic home office environment.

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  1. Thanks for pointing out that having a good table that can handle your personal computer for work use. I have a colleague who’s thinking about trying remote work to reduce his chances of getting the pandemic. I hope this can convince him to visit a furniture store and purchase one!

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